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Hi, my name is Patti and I am addicted to LOVE! Really. I am passionate about helping people raise the bar or re-calibrate their life for LOVE. 

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Together we will look at what you are doing to create love and what else is possible for more love in your life. 

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Meet Me for Lunch will still be working with our existing clients, however we're shifting our focus to a more holistic approach of finding love. I'm here to help you change your approach, and consider the things that demand your attention to make you a better possible match for your dream date.   
If you are curious about doing something different to get a different result...Drop me a line and lets chat!


From Matchmaker to Love Re-calibrator   After more than a decade in the matchmaking world, I'm making a big change and I am so excited to tell you about it! Through all of my interactions with single people, I've come to understand that while most of us want to meet Mr. or Ms. Right, few of us know how to make that happen-and often it has very little to do with actually getting the introduction.    So many of us have spent enough time in this world to become hardened, guarded, protective of our hearts and subconsciously stingy about sharing our hopes and dreams with others. 

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Simply put, the way the world works does not encourage us to be our natural lovable selves. We've lost touch with that side of our inner workings and few of us even realize it. In fact, even I have only come to see the trend through so many countless interviews with people seeking love. I've seen again and again that while I can make the introduction, I can't make the sparks fly and neither can you until you re-calibrate yourself to be open to love.

Sessions are 30, 60 or 90 minutes 

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